Oklahoma State Coach’s Press Conference Interrupted By Justin Bieber Ringtone

  • Brad Cohen

It turns out Justin Bieber has more fans than just tween girls: the 16-year-old pop sensation apparently has a new devotee.

He’s a man, and he’s 40.

Yep, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy is jumping on the bandwagon.

A few days ago, Bieber was doing a radio interview with Disney when he got a phone call revealing that his ring tone for every phone call is—for unexplained reasons—Gundy’s infamous postgame tirade, during which he yelled “Come after me! I’m a man! I’m 40!”

The Oklahoma State coach now has a new ring tone, as well. Apparently he saw the news that the pop star was a fan of his rant, and changed his ring accordingly. In a press conference Monday, Gundy was in the middle of speaking when Bieber’s “Baby” began playing from his cell phone. The coach checked his phone and put it away before a reporter said, “Mike, it can’t be pure coincidence that Justin Bieber has you as his ringtone and you have him as your ringtone.”

Gundy responded, deadpan: “Well I changed mine last night. I figured if he was going to use my ringtone then I should start to use his ringtone.”

That’s when the press conference took a turn towards discussing the coach being a fan of Bieber’s, as well his opinion (serious, or not) that the singer should buy a suite come perform at an Oklahoma State game. After Knicks fans booed Bieber at Madison Square Garden, it can’t possibly be a good idea to have him perform in front of a student section filled with drunken frat boys in Stillwater.

While that concert will likely never go down, the press conference (staged or not) is definitely worth a watch: