The Ole Miss Football Team Contains A Bunch Of Homophobic Losers

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Ole Miss football team apparently contains a bunch of homophobic losers.

Audience members, including roughly 20 Rebel football players, disrupted a production of “The Laramie Project” with homophobic slurs and other disruptions.

That sounds bad. Was it really that bad?

The UM theater department was showing a production of “The Laramie Project,” which is based on the 1999 murder of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay University of Wyoming student who was killed due to his sexual orientation. During the play, audience members engaged in “borderline hate speech.”

According to the play’s director and theater faculty member Rory Ledbetter, some audience members used derogatory slurs like “fag” and heckled both cast members and the characters they were portraying for their body types and sexual orientations. Ledbetter said the audience’s reactions included “borderline hate speech.”

That appears to be “borderline hate speech” in the same way the Rebels are “borderline National Title contenders.”

In addition to hurling homophobic slurs at cast members, the performance report stated that some in the audience were “taking pictures of cast members while making fun of them, talking on their cell phones, hollering at the females in the cast and talking to other audience members during the acts.”

All I know is that I’m confident that the Ole Miss theater department would have matched the Ole Miss football team’s offensive output at Alabama.

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