Ole Miss Party Girl Nails College Football: ‘I Wouldn’t Have School Spirit Without A Couple Vodka-Waters’

  • Eric Goldschein

ole miss party girlWhat is it that makes college football so popular? The NFL has a higher level of play (unless we’re talking about the Giants/Jaguars); the NCAA is wracked with corruption; the collegiate rosters have so much change over it’s tough to form connections with individual players. And yet, visit most SEC/Big 12/Big 10/ACC/Pac 12 campuses on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll swear there isn’t any other sport in the world except for college football.

And why is that? The Ole Miss Party Girl from this “A Day At The Grove” video sums it up perfectly:

“I love school spirit, but like let’s not get me wrong, like, I wouldn’t have school spirit without a couple vodka-waters.”

Ole Miss Party Girl dominates this five minute clip (she first appears at 0:38, when she steals the microphone), and most of what she says will make condescending Internet people say something like, “My word, I would not countenance my daughter to articulate such foul pronouncements on the moving picture screen! The southern states doth have much to learn about rearing their children!” but she just nails it when it comes to the essence of school spirit and college football in general. Almost 100 percent of excitement on game day comes from tailgating. She speaks truth, this one. Respect.

Why did I go to Pitt, again? Hotty Toddy!

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