How Crazy Are The Oregon Cheerleaders’ Custom Ducks Contacts?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Oregon Ducks football team is playing like the Chip Kelly Ducks despite his presence. But their cheerleaders are mixing up their style, with team-theme contacts. Now, here are some close-ups of eyes.

Oregon Cheerleaders Contacts

Via Busted Coverage:

We’re awaiting official word from the Oregon cheerleading team on whether the Ducks’ cheerleaders will wear these custom contact lenses during Saturday’s Washington game.

This was the extent of @OregonCheer‘s information on these new contacts:

On our way to Seattle, but all we see is green and yellow #GoDucks

Would it shock me if the ladies wore the contacts while performing? No. This is the same forward thinking college cheerleading program that charged fans $5 back in April to watch tryouts, the program that does a bikini lake retreat just days before the season starts and the cheerleading program that wore Nike Pro Combat unis.

So, what’s the verdict? Creepy, or #SoHotWantToTouchTheHiney?

[Busted Coverage]