Oregon Scored One Point Last Night On Possibly The Weirdest Safety In Football History

  • Glenn Davis

As we mentioned in the nightly action roundup post, Oregon beat Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl last night, 35-17. You see a score like that, you think, “Ah, five touchdowns. Not Oregon’s most explosive night, but a fine performance all the same.” But that would be conventional, and this is Oregon. Oregon does nothing conventionally. How they actually got to 35: touchdown, two-point conversion, touchdown, extra point, touchdown, extra point, field goal, touchdown, one-point safety, field goal. Quite a bit more convoluted.

“Wait a second,” you say. “You didn’t say ‘one-point safety,’ did you? And if you did, surely it was in error?” To which we say: feast your eyes.

And here’s a view of the play in real time:

And before the existence of one-point safeties threatens to completely blow your understanding of the universe inside out, know this: the reason you had no idea a one-point safety could happen is because they seriously almost never happen. How rare are they? Last night’s was the fourth ever… at most. Even more bizarrely, announcer Brad Nessler, who worked last night’s game, also worked one of the other games graced by a one-point safety, Texas-Texas A&M in 2004. Never keep finding ways to weird up football, Oregon.