Like Those Insane Oregon Rose Bowl Chrome Helmets? Well, One’s Up For Bid On eBay

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

Now, you too can own a part of Rose Bowl history — or get a jump-start on next year’s Spider-Man villain Halloween costume, whatever the case may be.

Thanks to Nike co-founder and chairman/Oregon alum Phil Knight, the Ducks’ uniforms have become the stuff of legend. Their Rose Bowl ensemble was no exception, with the reflective HydraChrome helmets in particular generating plenty of buzz among the blogosphere.

Well, one of the first helmets to get loose from the team is up for bid on eBay. The current bid stands at $1,250, though the unknown reserve has yet to be met and could amount to a couple thousand dollars.

Perhaps most surprising about this whole entreprenurial venture is that the helmet in question wasn’t even used during the Rose Bowl, but during a practice on Dec. 19. This small detail, though, hasn’t deterred the 32 individuals who have already placed a bid on the incredibly shiny piece of headgear.