Holy Crap Look At Oregon’s Rose Bowl Uniforms

  • Dan Fogarty

The Oregon Ducks have a history of interesting fashion choices.

Being so close to Nike’s headquarters (and sporting Nike’s vice president of innovation Tinker Hatfield as an alum) has made them something of a guinea pig for the Swoosh’s design ideas. During their run to the 2011 national championship game, they famously had 384 uniform choices at their disposal, and earlier this season they sported cartoon ducks on their sleeves in a game against Cal. So you figured they’d pull out all the stops for their Rose Bowl game against Wisconsin.

Welp, they did. The Ducks’ Rose Bowl outfit, which we’ve seen described as “Crazy Stormtrooper Uniforms,” features “16 different materials, all used with the goal of creating the lightest uniform possible, while improving protection, air flow and, overall, performance.” Our gut reaction: they look like something a Spider-Man villain would wear. We should note, those spindly things coming out the back in the first two photos are not part of the actual uniform (at least, we don’t think they are).

[Nike Blog via Big Lead]