Over 110 Calls Between Manti Te’o And Lennay Kekua Lasted For More Than An Hour

  • Dylan Murphy

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap, who acquired a spreadsheet of Manti Te’o’s phone records from a source, Te’o and Lennay Kekua, or whoever the woman behind Lennay Kekua was, made 1,000 phone calls to each other. Kekua’s phone number has an area code of 661, which covers parts of multiple counties in southern California. And of those 1,000 phone calls, 110 of them lasted for over an hour.

The sheer amount of time spent on the phone only serves to further exonerate Te’o, but also sheds light on the depth of the catfish scheme. Though on some level, whoever played the role of Lennay Kekua really must have established some sort of relationship with Te’o, at least some sliver of an emotional connection, to not only tolerate so many long conversations, but to maintain the deception as well.

Screengrab via ESPN