The Pac-12’s New Promo Video Will Get You More Pumped Up For The English Language Than Football

  • Glenn Davis

You know, this Pac-12 football promo starts out pretty normally. “Not the beginning of the story,” “not the end” – the usual sorts of clichés you expect to hear bandied about in promotional videos. You’ve got the background footage of practices, fans, stadium entrances – some of it pretty cool, all of it pretty standard. Classic footage, photos of Pat Tillman and Bill Walsh – the kind of people the Pac-12 would rightly highlight for having been part of its history…but still, for this type of video, one designed solely to get you pumped up for the Pac-12, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, 45 seconds in, the narrator says “rhythmic drumbeats of differentiation.”

Even before then, when he says the Pac-12 represents “a relentless narrative crystallized through the ages,” you get the feeling this might not just be typical rah-rah stuff, but the drum metaphor is the official signal this is going to be something more verbose than your normal let’s-promote-our-football-conference ad. And it pretty much keeps on going like that – a “procession of field marshals” here, a “belligerent antithesis” (belligerent antithesis!!!) there.

Plus, the section beginning at 2:54, featuring teams getting themselves amped before games? We’re not even fans of any Pac-12 team, but that got us legitimately fired up for football. But we’re pretty sure we could never be as fired up for Pac-12 action as whoever wrote this promo is. Watch it below.

[Larry Brown Sports]