A Plane Flew Over Penn State This Morning With An Ominous Message

  • Evan Sporer

It was an odd scene this morning at State College in Pennsylvania, as a plane flew over the campus carrying a banner displaying the message, “TAKE THE STATUE DOWN OR WE WILL.” It was a reference to the Joe Paterno statue that school officials have no plans to remove as of yet, even after the Freeh report found Paterno culpable in the Sandusky scandal.

Penn State stationed a police officer to monitor the statue four days ago.

Others have slowly begun to erase Paterno’s name and disassociate from the former coach. Nike recently took Paterno’s name off a childcare center on its campus. Brown University, Paterno’s alma mater, announced it is removing Paterno’s name from the title of its head football coaching position, and will also review his position in the Brown Hall of Fame.

Call it a threat, call it an empty threat, call it whatever you want. But whoever or whomever is responsible for this banner feels very strongly about the situation. Penn State may need more than one statue guard.

h/t Busted Coverage