Iowa State Football Coach Still Has No Problem Firing Team Up (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Last year, after his team pulled off a 9-7 upset win on the road against Nebraska, Iowa State head football coach Paul Rhoads became a viral video sensation with this scene out of ISU’s jubilant postgame locker room (fast forward to 1:03 for his remarks):

And it’s easy to see why people ate it up. This is great stuff – a huge win for the program, and a coach and team with passion. So when Rhoads’ team managed another signature win on Saturday – a 28-21 win at Texas – what would he do for his Youtube encore?

Well, nothing quite on the level of what he gave us a year ago in Lincoln, but this is clearly still a team that believes in its leader. At 1:12, his remarks begin:

I can’t be the only person who watches this and wishes I could similarly fire up a room just by tossing a football away. Then again, if I helped my team to a win over a storied program on the road for the second straight year, I guess I’d deserve a room full of devotees. Kudos to Rhoads and his team, which is very much in the hunt for a second straight bowl game. Let’s just hope Rhoads lays off the ham sandwiches.