Listen To What Was Said In Today’s Penn State-Nebraska Prayer Circle: “May Justice Be Known”

  • Dan Fogarty

Before today’s game, Nebraska running backs coach Ron Brown led a pre-game prayer circle as a silent Beaver Stadium looked on. At the time, we didn’t know the message being conveyed, but now, thanks to this raw video from the AP, we do.

Here’s some of what I heard, based on the video above. If you can find a more complete (and accurate!) transcript, email me at

The last line from Brown before the crowd’s clapping drowns him out — the one about truth and justice — is an important one.

“Lord, we know we don’t have control of all of the events that took place this week, but we do know that you have figured (?) in it all. And we give you the glory that you’re going to protect this stadium, and this town, and these universities for us, and these students. And you would give great sense to all of them..

There are a lot of little boys around the country, today, who are watching this game. And they’re trying to figure out what the definition of manhood is all about. Father, this is it right here. I pray that this game will be a training ground of what manhood looks like…

May the truth be known, may justice be known. May you protect the victims…”