Photo: Auburn Assistant Trooper Taylor Chest-Bumps President Obama At White House Visit

  • Glenn Davis

Today, Auburn’s football team made the White House visit that’s customary for national champions. One would expect the Tigers to be excited – after all, it’s one more opportunity to revel in being the champs. Auburn assistant Trooper Taylor, though, took things to another level…by chest-bumping the President of the United States.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Twitter feed for Auburn athletics said “it seemed like” Obama prompted it. On the other hand, Nikki-Dee Ray of Lubbock, Tex. TV station KLBK said Taylor “convinced” Obama to do it. Either way, thanks to KLBK, we know this really, truly happened. Via Ray, behold:

You know, it doesn’t matter who was responsible for this. All we care about is that it happened, and judging by the look on Taylor’s face, it was magical. He’s set a very high bar for celebrations at future White House visits – but at least if the Jets ever win the Super Bowl, Rex Ryan knows what he has to beat.

[Spencer Hall]