Random Badgers Fan Applies For Wisconsin Head Football Coach Job, Provides Hilarious Email Exchange

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Hyper-functioning alcoholic Successful college football coach Bret Bielema recently ditched Madison for Fayetteville, leaving Wisconsin with a coaching vacancy . And since it’s a public university, Wisconsin was forced to leave the position open to all applicants due to equal opportunity law, or communism, or something.

Of course, a redditor/Badgers fan named “icejordan” figured he’d try his luck.

The new coach was introduced yesterday, though, and, shockingly, it wasn’t icejordan! (It was Gary Andersen.)

Still, icejordan’s flirtation produced this entertaining email exchange that shows the hilarity of the whole “anyone can apply to be a prominent B1G football coach” situation.

And even more hilariously, the reddit thread brought to light another redditor’s application for the Hawaii job a while back. It’s glorious.

If you ask me, it’s about damn time this anti-reddit discrimination within the NCAA coaching fraternity is put to an end. What makes Anderson better than icejordan? The spelling error in his email? And you’re telling me there was a better candidate than Frank? Quite Frankly, I won’t stand for it.

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