Report: In 2008, “Lennay Kekua” Once Claimed To Be A Victoria’s Secret Model Dating Mark Sanchez

  • Dylan Murphy

Now that reports have surfaced indicating that the character “Lennay Kekua” has been used in catfish schemes before, people are coming out of the woodwork claiming to have been Kekua-ed. The latest comes by way of Tessi Tolutau, a Hawaii beauty pageant queen who says that Kekua messaged her on Facebook to discuss modeling.

Via the New York Post:

“‘She explained to me that she played basketball at Stanford, that she was a Victoria’s Secret model, that she was dating somebody from Stanford. She even said she was dating [Jets quarterback] Mark Sanchez.”‘

Sanchez! It’s important to know that the alleged encounter occurred in 2008, before butt-fumbling Mark Sanchez became butt-fumbling Mark Sanchez. He was quite the stud back then, USC starting quarterback and probable 1st round draft pick. But to think, there was once a time when linking yourself to Mark Sanchez was, you know, cool.

[NY Post via, Larry Brown Sports]