Ricky Williams Is Coaching At A School Named ‘University Of The Incarnate Word’

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Ricky Williams Weird

Ricky Williams, who retired from a successful NFL career to become a full-time crazy person (who mixes charities and cults!), is returning to football in Ricky Williams-esque fashion, coaching a school with a weird-ass name.

In yet another random twist to his football journey, Williams is getting back into football off the beaten path. He is joining the coaching staff at University of the Incarnate Word, in a move first reported by CoachingSearch.com. KSAT.com said he will work with running backs on his days off while he still lives in Austin.

So, not a full-time thing. But certainly a big boost for the UIW Cardinals and their talent development, as well as their recruiting, if they have such a thing.

Here are their notable alumni:

An ex-TV anchor for CNN
George King in Dexter
That Latino Guy From Desperate Housewives

(Don’t) hook ’em, Cards!

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