Even Rudy Had Trouble Getting A Ticket To The BCS National Championship Game

  • Dylan Murphy

Tickets to tonight’s BCS National Championship game are expensive – the cheapest available tickets on StubHub are going for $950. Kicking back with Kirk Herbstreit, Brent Musberger and a refreshing beverage might be your most wallet-friendly option. Or if you’re cable-deprived, watching online might not be the worst thing.

But if you’re a Notre Dame fan set on limited visibility in close quarters, the BCS tried to lend you a helping hand. Except 100,000+ people applied for the 14,500 tickets the BCS allotted to Notre Dame, leaving many ticketless thoughts of what could have been. Among the wretched and forsaken was one Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, star of that famed rags-to-riches sports movie “Rudy” and merchant of financial fraud.

But Rudy’s a real worker, a go-getter, a no-I-in-team kind of guy. So Mercedes-Benz, one of his business partners, laid down their jerseys on the desk of the BCS so Rudy could walk onto their Sun Life Stadium suite roster.

The inspiring and detailed story, from Rudy’s own mouth (via the New Yorker):

“Rudy had one suggestion for those still hoping to score a ticket: ‘The best seat is on the fifty yard line … in your living room,’ he said, laughing. But he, at least, did eventually find a way to be there. “Mercedes-Benz is bringing me in; I’ll be in their suite,’ he told me. ‘Thank God for ‘Rudy’!'”

Victory for the Fighting Irish is now all but assured.

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