Giant-Handed Baylor Fan’s Extreme Sadness Was Short-Lived, But No Less Heartbreaking

  • Glenn Davis

The level of defense played at the Alamo Bowl last night between Baylor and Washington ranged from bad to entirely nonexistent (evidenced by the 67-56 – yes, 67-56 – final score). And we don’t care. It was nonstop crazy action and fun. Possibly more fun than should even be allowed. Of course, that’s as an observer with no attachments to either side. If you did have a stake in the action, it had to be equal parts blissful (when your team had the ball) and infuriating (when your team didn’t have the ball). TV cameras caught one oversize-bear-handed Baylor fan at one of the low moments, and it wasn’t pretty:

Oof. We’d be sad just looking at that photo…except this game was basically a three-hour-plus party. It brought us nothing but joy (Chris Spielman, the color commentator for the game/former linebacker, i.e. someone who takes pride in tough defense, was a different story). What also makes it go down easier: knowing the pain of this Baylor fan didn’t last. That 67-56 final score turned out in Baylor’s favor – that, after being down 42-24 early in the third quarter. (The Bears slashed the deficit to 42-39 within six minutes.) No, nothing at the Alamo Bowl lasted too long as there was time on the clock…but that total offense record for a bowl game (1,397 yards) will probably stand for a while.

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