Auburn’s New Offensive Coordinator Doesn’t Just Want To Score Points…He Wants To Score Football Points

  • Glenn Davis

Scot Loeffler’s been a football coach for over a decade. He just got hired as Auburn’s new offensive coordinator. He served in the same position for Temple last year. He’s coached at Florida and Michigan, and even spent a year in the NFL coaching the Lions’ quarterbacks. Clearly, the guy knows what he’s talking about – and yet apparently, he still needs to remind himself which sport he coaches. Upon being introduced at Auburn today, he articulated (sort of) his general philosophy with the following:

“It’s our job as an offense to protect that defense. And at the end of the day, it’s our job to score football points.”

Yes, football points. To be sure, the concept of needlessly throwing a sport’s name into a generic term like that has been done before – how many times have you been watching golf and heard a commentator rave about a “golf shot”? – but we’d never heard it used for football. Was Loeffler afraid that no one in attendance had any idea what they were doing there? That they all thought they were at a basketball press conference? Or maybe he was paranoid they’d all think he meant brownie points?

Or hey, maybe Loeffler just loves football so much that he takes every opportunity he gets to remind himself he’s making a living in the game. Auburn fans can rest easy knowing their beloved program hired a guy with that kind of passion…and that their team’s offensive players will know damn well which sport they’re playing when they step out on the field.

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