Skip Bayless Sets Record For Being Wrong On Twitter Most Times In A 24-Hour Period

  • Rick Chandler


What if they made an Amazon Echo-like device that constantly fed you the wrong information? Like, every response was just a wild, uneducated shot in the dark, designed only to provoke you into a response, with no grounding in fact or reality?

Welcome to kip Bayless’ Twitter account.

Yep, here’s Skip watching the National Championship Game on Monday, attempting to live blog it, I guess. The problem with a wild, back-n-forth finish in a major sporting event that Skip is following is that the poor goofball just can’t keep up without looking like a giant penis. Here’s a sampling below, with the most recent tweets toward the bottom.

“Skip Bayless, are you real, or just a host designed to provoke anger and generate ratings?”

“If you can’t tell the difference, does it matter?”