A Stadium Erupting When A Soldier Surprises His Family Is The Best Video Of The Day

  • Glenn Davis

South Carolina fans made a lot of noise on Saturday evening. You would have, too, if your team beat then-No. 5 Georgia up and down the field for a 35-7 win, vaulting your school that’s traditionally long on fan support but short on success to No. 3 in the country. It’s about as good to be a South Carolina fan as it ever has, and if the Gamecocks can top of this brutal stretch of the schedule with wins over LSU and Florida, they’ll be in prime national title position. Fans should be going nuts over their team.

As loudly as they supported their team, though, we’re not sure South Carolina* fans went any mor berserk than they did for the moment you’ll see below. It started off very nice – a military family (with the military-member father/husband not present) was honored at midfield. Then, a surprise message from dad/husband. There was shock, there were some tears, there was a rousing ovation, and it was a terrific scene. And then

Obviously this is a wonderful moment, but did Jadeveon Clowney really have to run in out of nowhere and tackle the whole family right after the video ended?

*I hate not being able to properly abbreviate/shorten the “South Carolina name in any way. You can’t say USC, as much as South Carolina fans might want you to think they’re the “real” USC. And shorten it to “Carolina,” and you’ll get both confusion and North and South Carolina fans quarreling over who deserves the “Carolina” shorthand. So we go with “South Carolina.” Over and over.

[h/t Coaching Search]