This Week’s Sports Illustrated Penn State Cover Will Be One For The Ages

  • Evan Sporer

I’ve got two copies of old New York Times front pages stories in my house: September 12, 2001 (the day after 9/11, obviously) and November 5, 2008. (when Obama won the election.) They’re historic events that we’ve lived through that will forever be remembered. And now this week’s copy of Sports Illustrated is going to be added to that pile:

I can’t tell you how completely blindsided I was by this cover, but in a good way. This perfectly sums up the situation at Penn State. And aesthetically, I don’t think SI could have done a much better job. The situation at Penn State is far from being over – there will still be civil suits filed against employees of the college, for one – but enough has happened already to warrant a cover like this. And the cover strikes such a chord of darkness and disappointment – it’s just eerily good.