SportsGrid Video: “Banned By NCAA” By Uncle Bubba & Da U Live Crew

  • Timothy Burke

Miami supporter and former 2 Live Crew head Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell is unhappy about convicted felon Nevin Shapiro calling himself “Little Luke” and jeopardizing the Hurricanes’ relationship with the NCAA — so here’s his cousin “Uncle Bubba” and a take on one of the Crew’s biggest hits.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Crew, read this and then watch the 1990 video to “Banned in the U.S.A.” (it is, unlike most 2 Live Crew songs, safe for work).

“Banned by NCAA” by UNCLE BUBBA & Da U Live Crew (DOWNLOAD THE mp3)

The lyrics:

We_got_a white collar criminal makin’ me puke
Sayin’ he real nasty just like Real Luke
___ Givin’ players money. Givin’ ’em cars.
Buyin’ lots of hookers for the foot-ball stars / from a
Jail cell he be sittin’ & snitchin’.
Make another scandal get the media itchin’.
Sayin’ he be offerin’ improper bennies
And payin’ for it with_ old_ ladies’ pennies.
Well don’t believe a word of this joker’s lies
You can see that he’s a sucka when you look in his eyes
Just_ when they were finished Tresselin’ tattoos
Now investigation’s comin’ right back to da U
_It’s been ten years and that’s way too long
Now they gonna say a champion_ship is wrong
Cause listen up y’all_ to what I say_
We gonna be banned by NCAA

Banned by NCAA yeah we’re
Banned from postseason play yeah we’re
Banned from TV games, yeah we’re
Banned by NCAA

I spend good money supportin’ my school
But what you sayin’ I didn’t break no rules.
Now this punk_ say_ he been offerin’ bounties
And the use of mansions from Palm Beach to Dade counties
Da U has a_ his_to_ry like no other
And coach Schnelly well he’s like my big brother
_But now because of this fool Shapiro
They gonna e-rase win to_tal to zero
Everybody knows Luke’s a generous tipper
And the pimp to every one of Miami’s strippers
But you gonna find a frown on my face to-day
‘Cause we gonna get banned by NCAA

So all you low majors. Mid majors. Big 10 schools.
There is a place for you in this world.
‘Cause this is the land of the cheats. Those who misbehave.
But Da U is who we are

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