SportsGrid’s NSFW Podcast, Episode I: Did Joe Paterno Have A LinkedIn Page?

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Dearest SportsGrid readers,

By now you’re somewhat familiar with our writing voices. They’re distinct and beautiful and graceful, as you already knew. Today, we’ve decided to share with you our real people voices. Yes, we exist. We eat meals, take poops: everything. We even have an office, where we congregate to write stuff!

Below you’ll find our very first podcast, which we recorded last night and which comes with a handy volume meter to adjust at your behest. We’ll be tweaking and tinkering with our precious thirty minutes of airtime in the coming weeks as we perfect our craft. But, in the meantime, do take a listen as we recount Glenn’s glory years at Rutgers and wonder whether Joe Paterno has a profile on LinkedIn. We also talk about the rash of NFL offseason arrests, who takes the last shot for USA Basketball, and gay Olympians using mobile dating apps. Caution: it’s NSFW for language, although we do hope you listen to this at work (but use headphones while doing so).

You guys are fantastic, and we hope you like it.

Here’s the podcast.

If you’d like to download it, click here.

Here’s who’s on it.

L to R: Dan Fogarty, SportsGrid’s editor-in-chief and ashamed former MySpace user; Glenn Davis, SportsGrid senior editor, and a man who has never seen a Christopher Nolan Batman movie; Dylan Murphy, SportsGrid weekend editor, writer for Dime, and speed-walking enthusiast (that is not actually a photo of Dylan).

Here’s what we talk about.

00:00 — 04:30: Penn State and the aftermath of the NCAA’s sanctions.

04:30 — 07:00: Facebook made people really weird in their first year of college.

7:00 — 13:20: The best NFL player arrest of the offseason.

13:20 — 20:20: Will USA Basketball lose a game in the Olympics? Who takes the last shot if there’s a close game?

20:20 — 24:00: The Olympics: do you give a shit?

24:00 — 29:00: Why are gay Olympians using a mobile dating app when they’re essentially living on a sex-crazed college campus for the next few weeks?

29:00 — 35:33: Is The Dark Knight Rises any good?

Here are the mistakes we made.

If you’ve read down this far, hopefully you’ve listened to the podcast already. Since this was our first foray, we had a few hiccups along the way. Here are a few things we felt the need to clarify:

1. Glenn is horrified by child abuse, not by the punishment of Penn State.

2. Dan admitted to Googling himself, and talked way too much about his old MySpace photo.

3. Dan is officially against Team USA eating meals, beacause food is for sissies.

4. Dan enjoys the word “bang” a little too much.

5. Please berate Glenn on Twitter for not having seen any of the Batman movies.

6. Dylan officially defines “crazy European sex” as having sex with a European (born in Europe), regardless of the location of said sexual act.

7. Nobody knows why Dan enjoys Chile.