Stanford Athletics Traded Its Twitter Handle To Syracuse University For A Crate Of Oranges

  • Rick Chandler

They’re calling it the first athletic trade in major college history, and they may be right — unless you count signing a letter of intent in exchange for a new car. The a deal that could only happen in Palo Alto, the Stanford Athletic Department has traded its Twitter handle, @SUAthletics, to Syracuse University. In return, Syracuse will send Stanford a crate of oranges, plus other yet-to-be-named commodities.

Real quotes, from Stanford’s athletic site:

The roster move was necessitated after its new handle, @GoStanford, emerged as a two-sport star both as a hash tag (#gostanford) and Twitter handle.

“Obviously we’re thrilled to activate @GoStanford as our official Twitter handle and pull off this dynamic trade,” said Bernard Muir, The Jaquish & Kenninger Director of Athletics at Stanford. “From a branding standpoint, this trade makes sense for both schools. We held both accounts – the social media equivalent to having two starting quarterbacks, and we wanted to derive as much value fun as possible. We expect great things from our new starter, @GoStanford, and wish @SUAthletics good luck in a new home.”

It’s clear that the hypnotoad is now in charge at Stanford.