Stanford Won The Rose Bowl, But Stanford’s Marching Band Really Won The Rose Bowl

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Stanford defeated Wisconsin 20-14 to win the Rose Bowl, but the Cardinal football players weren’t really the stars of the day in Pasadena. That honor belongs to the members of their marching band, the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, who did an amazing job of pissing off everyone in Wisconsin, and then everyone else in America who hates unconventional marching bands (which apparently is a contingent that exists).

The thing about Stanford’s marching band is that they are leagues cooler than all the other marching band nerds in the country. They dress in bright colors and kooky costumes, routinely mock their opponents (they played an “Ode to Cheese” during halftime of the Rose Bowl) and are basically an amalgam of Silicon Valley hippies who are good at playing instruments.

Shame on you Stanford band nerds, for not conforming to every convention we ever knew about marching bands. You are just the worst. According to some people on Twitter, here are some other things you are (via SB Nation):

What happens when rich kids are allowed to express themselves; the worst thing in all of college sports; a bunch of rich kids pretending to be poor; not very classy; RETARTED; make “Kenyon” professors look patriotic.

Someone should’ve alerted me when we got this serious about marching bands because I totally missed the boat.

[h/t SB Nation, Getty Images]