Even The Streaker At The Sun Bowl Wasn’t That Interesting

  • Glenn Davis

We’re not going to go ahead and endorse field-rushing. Even in its most undeniably entertaining iterations, it’s a cheap stunt at heart, and it gives announcers a chance to get high and mighty with the “we’re not going to give them the attention they want” spiel, so that’s never good. But yeah – sometimes it can be riveting. And yesterday’s Sun Bowl between Georgia Tech and USC might have needed a shot of energy-by-any-means-necessary more than any other bowl game so far this season. Unfortunately, when a random guy did indeed run onto the field during the fourth quarter, even that couldn’t spice things up too much:

Yeah, OK, he was better than nothing, but it was no “fake ref at Arizona-UCLA.” Even the broadcast team seemed to wish he’d taken things just a bit further – hard not to see their point, really. If you’re gonna run onto the field, then milk that moment, dammit. He did cover an impressive amount of ground, though. If this had been the 2008 Sun Bowl, he’d have probably tripped over himself before he even got on the field.

[Dr. Saturday]