Reporter Leveled By Michigan QB, Then Interviews Him (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Michigan’s wild 67-65, triple overtime win against Illinois yesterday had plenty of excitement for everyone, but it’s unlikely anyone felt the impact – literally – more than reporter Don Shane. Shane was covering the game for local ABC affiliate WXYZ, and late in the game got a little too close to the action for comfort.

Shane was standing on the sidelines during the third overtime when Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier (filling in for an injured Denard Robinson) ran toward the sideline. He got pushed out of bounds after a solid gain, but his momentum carried him…right into Shane, whom he brought right down.

Minutes later, the game was over, and one of the first people to catch up to Forcier for an interview before he left the field was…Shane. With a busteed lip. That’s dedication – Forcier sure seemed surprised to be seeing him again so soon.

[H/T Deadspin]