TCU’s New Horned Frog Statue Is Jordan-esque

  • Joe Levine

Need a reason to get excited about TCU football? Of course you do. TCU knows that, too. That’s why they unveiled their new Horned Frog statue on Saturday.

The statue will stand in front of Amon G. Carter Stadium, the Horned Frogs’ home. After introducing the statue to the world with a Tweet and an Instagram photo, TCU has asked people to describe the statue in one word. One word immediately comes to mind for me: Jordan-esque.

First, let’s take a look at the horned frog statue itself.

Not bad for a frog on a rock. But it does look a little familiar…

I mean, right? They’re the same damn statue. That horned frog is perched on that rock, practically dunking on it with the fury of Michael Jordan over so many Patrick Ewings. And if that isn’t mean mugging, I don’t know what is.

Okay, maybe I’m having a little too much fun, maybe getting a little overstimulated this morning. Either way, pretty cool statue. Just a shame they couldn’t have thrown a Bulls #23 jersey on it, even if for a moment.

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