Texas Hires Incompetent Man To Fix Underperforming Defense

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Greg Robinson TexasTexas football has hired Greg Robinson as their defensive coordinator, firing Manny Diaz. They just got embarrassed and gave up 40 points to BYU and felt a change was needed.

The Longhorns’ only issue is that if you mention the name “Greg Robinson” around one of a multitude of fanbases, you will be shivved unless you’re mocking his family. Basically, no college football fan respects Greg Robinson. Nobody thinks Greg Robinson is good at defensive coordinating, and nobody knows what Texas is thinking.

Here’s the best of Twitter’s reaction:

Weirdly, a rational human disagrees with the world.

Maybe he knows something we don’t.

Hm. Well, I guess you’re right. But a house-cleaning is probably imminent.

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