Texas’ Marquise Goodwin Can’t Hush Ole Miss Crowd, One Upset Marine

  • Joe Levine

Ole Miss got killed by the Texas Longhorns yesterday, 66-31. But there is one thing the Longhorns can’t kill: Ole Miss’ spirit.

That much was proven after UT receiver Marquise Goodwin’s 69-yard touchdown run in the second quarter and subsequent attempt to hush the crowd.

Oh, you might be kicking their asses, Marquise, but Ole Miss will not go quietly into the night! They will not go without a fight! Or at least one attending Marine thought not:

Marine Screams At Goodwin

Considering that after that touchdown, Texas outscored Ole Miss 45-24, maybe that Marine was the only one that got the memo.

Check out the full play here, courtesy of ESPN:

[Via Lost Lettermen]