Texas’ Performance Against OU Summed Up In One GIF

  • Joe Levine

Today’s matchup between no. 13 Oklahoma and no. 15 Texas in the annual Red River Shootout was supposed to be a close game. With so much history between the two teams, with their rankings so close, with this a big rivalry game, we were supposed to get a high-quality game befitting of being nationally televised. We decidedly did not receive that.

Instead, Oklahoma currently leads Texas 49-8 in the fourth quarter. They’ve outgained the Longhorns, 585 yards to 150. They’ve held the ball over 32 minutes to just 18 for Texas. Two of Texas’ eight points were on a fluke play. Oklahoma has simply dominated Texas in every possible way.

Instead of any highlight or stat recitation, the thing that most succinctly summarizes Texas performance today is this GIF of one very frustrated Longhorn fan.

Texas Fan

Indeed, Longhorn fan. Indeed.

[GIF via GIFulmination, statistics via ESPN.com]