Texas Scores Two Points On Defense, Because This Is The Texas-OU Game

  • Joe Levine

This play undoubtedly earned an entry in the “How Not To Play Football” handbook. You will never see a point-after-touchdown kick botched worse than this.

Not to take credit away from Texas’ Quadre Diggs, who picked up the blocked kick after an Oklahoma touchdown and returned it for the two-point conversion for Texas, but this was all on the Sooners. Words cannot adequately describe how lazily the snap, hold, and kick were executed by OU, not to mention the failed attempts at tackling UT’s Diggs and the sorry excuse for a chase-down. Do yourself a favor and watch the play over and over in all of its GIF’d glory:

UT Blocked PAT Return

I think my favorite part is the little skip the OU kicker does after the kick is blocked, then how he just watches UT recover the kick, and then misses the tackle to put the cherry on top. It honestly does not get any worse than that.

Luckily, this is about all OU has done wrong so far today. They’re currently destroying the Longhorns to the tune of 20-2 in the second quarter.

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