Fighter Jet Flyover Before The Penn State-UCF Game In Dublin Scared The Crap Out Of The Locals

  • Eric Goldschein

This is great: As you may know, Penn State and UCF kicked off the season in Dublin, Ireland today (Penn State won on a last-second field goal) and apparently no one told the locals that we like to have fighter jets fly over our heads before we watch football, because America, and freedom.

On reddit, the Ireland subreddit features a post called “Did anyone hear that noise in dublin city centre!?!? What the hell was it??” The ensuing responses show that people all over the city and even nearby areas had no idea why a fighter jet was flying over their heads:

Here’s a video, uploaded to YouTube this morning, called “Dublin City Air Strike August 2014” to give you an idea of what it sounded like. The reactions are subdued, but clearly people were puzzled:

It’s pretty adorable that the Irish are so unaccustomed to insanely fast and loud fighter jets whizzing overhead for no particular reason. What do you guys do to get amped for soccer games — just, like, be excited, of your own accord? Weird.

And now the redditors are fighting about the merits of football. Cultural exchange!