The Minnesota Golden Gophers Celebrated Their Victory Over Penn State By Destroying The Coveted Governor’s Victory Bell Trophy

  • Jake O'Donnell

Minnesota’s decisive 24-10 victory over Penn State completed the school’s first four game Big Ten winning streak in over 40 years — so, you can imagine they’re riding high. Then throw in a little bit of arbitrary hardware — the Governor’s Victory Bell Trophy — and you’ve basically sent the Golden Gophers into a Gopher feeding frenzy. Admittedly, the trophy didn’t look like it was any different than the won you’d get for winning your local little league championship, plus it’s not exactly steeped in tradition (it’s been in existence since 1993), so it’s not the end of the world that it’s now held together by duct tape.

At least they didn’t get fooled with the ol’ this-is-the-wrong-ball trick.

The best part: When the guy who breaks it tries to jam it back into place while still bouncing around with his teammates.

In other wacky college football news, Vanderbilt kicked Florida’s ass 34 – 17, despite first kicking a ball into the hands of Gator’s wide receiver Ahmad Fulwood while he was standing in the end zone. This might be the only offensive highlight the University of Florida football team produces all season.


Gifs via SB Nation