The Next Great American Tradition Emerges: “Jungle Bird” Infiltrates the Notre Dame-Navy Game

  • Joe Levine

Remember the potentially mentally ill man self-named “Jungle Bird” who interrupted Webb Simpson’s U.S. Open win and interview with Bob Costas by walking to frame and squawking like a deranged chicken? Are you serious, bro? Bro, you gotta see it, it’s hilarious.

Well, it appears Jungle Bird is at it again. This time, his target was the Notre Dame-Navy game.

Sadly, our hero’s antics were again cut short by event security acting like so many Batmans dead set on ruining the fun of one man who just wants to watch the world burn dance like a chicken. One can only hope the sentence for a repeat offender of whatever-you-want-to-call-this is not severe and Jungle Bird will be back on the streets in time for the Ryder Cup on September 28-30.

[h/t Deadspin, video via The Big Lead]