Tuesday’s Ohio-Buffalo Game Had The Worst Safety Call We’ve Ever Seen

  • Eric Goldschein

mccabe grounding ohioDisclaimer: We haven’t been alive for the entirety of football’s existence. But we’re pretty sure this safety call — remember, a safety is when an offensive player downs the ball in his or her own end zone — is the worst safety call of all time.

The ruling was that Ohio QB Tyler Tettleton committed intentional grounding while in the end zone, which results in a safety and two points to Buffalo. You tell us: Was Tettleton in the end zone when he threw this?:

Referee Tom McCabe obviously had what some might call a “brain fart,” i.e., he fucked up. Since there’s no way to review this type of call, the play stood. After the game, he admitted that he may have been wrong in awarding the safety. You think?

Buffalo went on to win big, but McCabe was yesterday’s real loser.

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