Seven Colleges In America Are Very Good At Football, And Very Good At Partying

  • Evan Sporer

While the country’s “experts” are fumbling to find a functional rankings system for college football, we at SportsGrid have created our own formula to calculate the nation’s top schools. And we’re only paying attention to the things that matter.

By cross-referencing the preseason AP Top 25 with the Princeton Review’s Top 20 Party Schools, we’ve compiled a small list of institutions of higher learning that excel in both football and partying. You know what that means?

These are the most American schools in America:

1. Georgia

Princeton Score: 5; AP Score: 6; Composite Score: 11

2. West Virginia

Princeton Score: 1; AP Score: 11; Composite Score: 12

3. Florida State

Princeton Score: 8; AP Score: 7; Composite Score: 15

4. Wisconsin

Princeton Score: 13; AP Score: 12; Composite Score: 25

5. South Carolina

Princeton Score: 17; AP Score: 9; Composite Score: 26

6. Florida

Princeton Score: 6; AP Score: 23; Composite Score: 29

7. Texas

Princeton Score: 15; AP Score: 15; Composite Score: 30