The Summer Of Johnny: Manziel Booted From Frat Party, Wears Tebow Jersey To Other Frat Party

  • Rick Chandler

So completely awesome in every way.

He sleeps through mandatory Peyton Manning Football Camp meetings. He oversleeps and misses meetings entirely. He trashes his own school. And now the Summer of Johnny Manziel continues as he’s kicked out of a University of Texas frat party because, Johnny Manziel (see video below). Then, he wears a Tim Tebow jersey to another frat party.

Timeline: On Friday night, Manziel attends an Austin-area University of Texas frat party, and is politely asked to leave (“Get the fuck out!” … *hail of beer cans*).

Then on Saturday, he shows up at a daytime frat party, again in Austin, wearing a Tebow jersey.


Manziel, attending a fraternity party in the West Campus area near the University of Texas, was “quickly and harshly” kicked out of the event Friday night, according to SB Nation’s Texas site, “Burnt Orange Nation.”

A brief YouTube video accompanying the SB Nation report shows Manziel barely evading the brunt of an airborne beer can amid screams that include “get the f— out” as he leaves the party across an outdoor patio, dressed in a soaked pink golf shirt and black baseball cap.

Damn it … don’t they know he’s just a kid?