This Is How You Sonic? They’re Steaming College Logos Into Cheeseburger Buns Now

  • Rick Chandler

It was almost exactly one year ago that Sonic Drive-In unleashed its fully armed and operational Ragin’ Cajun Cheeseburger, which came adorned with the University of Louisiana logo steamed right into the bun. It was a test run, available only in parts of Louisiana.

Evidently it was a hit, because now Sonic is rolling out the concept to a wider audience (get it?). With logo-buns for three different schools — UofL, University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State — Sonic has taken this nation one step closer to university-branded fast food in every state.

Mmm, smells like the Sun Belt Conference.

So how are the logos made, exactly? I challenge you to find anything more appetizing than this:

The stamp is made with tapioca starch and up to three USDA-approved food colorings. The logos are steamed onto the buns from wax paper just before the burgers are served.

I’m going to go home and gargle with salt water for about an hour.

The branded buns come on burgers that are tailored for each school. The Ragin’ Cajun, for example, has tabasco spicy mayo and pepper jack cheese.