Last Night, Pitt Made One Of The Most Misleading Amazing Plays We’ve Ever Seen

  • Glenn Davis

Pitt is bad. Way, way worse than it was supposed to be. The league’s preseason poll tabbed them as a middle-of-the-pack Big East team. Hell, Kirk Hebstreit picked them to win the league. But here we are, two games in, and the Panthers sit at 0-2. And this is a particularly embarrassing 0-2. After being humiliated by Youngstown State 31-17 in their season opener, the Panthers went on the road to face Cincinnati (the preseason fourth-place conference team) last night – and got blown off the field, this time losing 34-10 (Pitt’s lone touchdown came during the final minute).

Maybe Cincinnati will turn out to be really good, but if Pitt keeps this up, it’s hard to envision them winning more than a couple games this season… all of which makes this spectacular shovel pass Panther quarterback Tino Sunseri somehow pulled off as four defenders were about to fal on top of him all the more remarkable. If you watched only this, you’d probably think, “Pitt is awesome“:

It made me think. “Wait – spectacular pay during a dispiriting blowout loss at Nippert Stadium – I’ve seen this before.” Specifically, I saw it in 2006. Rutgers was in the middle of a 30-11 letdown game humiliation… but in the middle of it all, linebacker Devraun Thompson did this. One of the greatest individual plays I’ve ever seen during one of the most frustrating-to-watch games – and now Pitt fans, too, know that feel. Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing a play that more accurately sums up how things have been going for the Panthers, via SB Nation, here you go.

Enjoy the ACC!

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