Today In Fun TMZ Reports: Manti Te’o Rebounded From The Death Of His Fake Girlfriend With A Real Girlfriend

  • Dylan Murphy

Today in unsubstantiated reports: TMZ now claims that Manti Te’o, reportedly innocent victim of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’s elaborate Lennay Kekua hoax, had a rebound girlfriend, who was, reportedly, real and “HOT.”

Super-sexy hot-sizzlin’ Alexandra del Pilar is her name, and she, reportedly, began to nurse a broken-hearted Te’o back to health after they met the weekend of November 10th, when Notre Dame played Boston College. She’s not a Notre Dame gal, instead attending St. Mary’s in Indiana, but neither was Lennay-Kekua-Ronaiah-Tuiasosopo’s-impersonating-cousin. The couple, reportedly, broke up recently after dating for two months.

Now don’t mind if we take this report with eight grains of salt, mostly because TMZ, but also because Manti Te’o seems like an unlikely candidate to shack up with a woman after falling in love with someone he never met. But stories like these illustrate a larger point, that Manti Te’o needs to speak up. Today’s report that Te’o is an innocent victim, coupled with Notre Dame president Jack Swarbrick’s tearful defense of Te’o’s character, has manufactured an opportunity. Though Te’o may be a fool and stupid and whatever else, he might ultimately turn out to be a victim – which, though it doesn’t excuse his blatant naivete, does earn him some level of sympathy. But he has yet to speak, maintaining an almost suspicious silence, seemingly waiting to craft a digestible narrative to elude the truth, or at least soften the blow. Of course that is just rampant speculation, but that is exactly the point – silence can’t just be these days, and the media – ourselves included – will continue to chip away at bits and pieces of an otherwise incomplete truth.