Today In NCAA Hypocrisy: They’re Still Profiting The Wins That They Took Away From Penn State

  • Zach Berger

Remember when the NCAA took away a ton of wins from Joe Paterno and the Penn State football team? Apparently they don’t, because they’re still profiting off of the 111 wins that they vacated from the Nittany Lions.

For example, the NCAA online shop has a shirt celebrating Joe Paternos’ 400th victory, which according to them never happened. Here’s the shirt design:

How about a 2006 FexEx Orange Bowl Champions Commemorative Edition DVD? Didn’t Mark Emmert take that one away from Penn State too? The school doesn’t have the bowl trophy anymore, so why is the NCAA still making money off of it?

You could buy a Tambi Hali signed photograph if you want too! The website says that Hali was “an instrumental part of the 11-1 Nittany Lions squad that won the Orange Bowl.” But wait, I thought that Penn State didn’t win the Orange Bowl.

Why would anyone in their right mind buy a Jared Odrick signed football for $90.00? He didn’t win a single game at Penn State! Any memorabilia with his autograph on it should be worthless, right?

Let’s recap. The NCAA took 111 wins away from the Penn State Nittany Lions football team. They no longer recognize those wins as happening unless they can make money off of them, in which case they make an exception and pretend that they never vacated the wins. Mark Emmert loves a good profit.

[Onward State]