This College Football Punter Has A Legendary Beard (Photo)

  • Glenn Davis

Last night, Troy beat Ohio 48-21 in the New Orleans Bowl. As bowl games go, it was as nondescript as they come – two low-profile opponents in a low-profile game that was essentially over by halftime, at which point Troy was up 38-7. But there were perks if you tuned in…namely, some of the best facial hair we’ve ever seen on a football player.

The man you see above is Troy punter Will Goggans. If you type his name in the Twitter search bar, you will find plenty of people awed by that same ESPN camera shot. No mere helmet can contain Goggans’ beard achievement. Even Zach Galifianakis only wishes he could grow one like that. Added bonus: punter might be the most-ridiculed position in football…but not when you look like that, it’s not.

It’s extremely early in bowl season. There are a lot of games left to play. But if we see another beard that even approaches Goggans’, that alone might qualify this as one of the best college football postseasons in memory.

[h/t Spencer Hall]

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