Slippery Turf During BCS Title Game Causing Controversy

  • Brad Cohen

Talk has heated up about whether Micahel Dyer was actually down on the play that essentially clinched a title Auburn, but it wasn’t the only controversy in Monday’s BCS championship. Though it seems to have affected both teams equally, the turf inside University of Phoenix Stadium caused both teams to slip and slide all over the field while trying to cut (unfortunately for Oregon, those hideous yellow socks didn’t come with cleats with extra grip).

Stadium personnel re-sodded the natural surface a week before the game. The poor conditions were ironic, considering the field’s turf is something of a calling card for the stadium. According to Turf Magazine (yes, Turf Magazine is a thing) the sod is grown outside and kept on an 18.9 million-pound tray that is rolled into the stadium about 48 hours before game time. This allows the field to have natural conditions, and keeps growers from having to deal with many problems that usually come with indoor turf.

Also ironic is that the turf for this game was actually grown in Oregon…by an Oregon State Beavers fan. Do we smell conspiracy?

Though both sides were affected, it doesn’t really matter as Auburn came away with the victory. Tigers fans surely aren’t too disappointed by the field conditions, and they can even buy squares of the sod taken from the Auburn end zone and “freeze-dried for permanent preservation”  for $100 each. Sounds pretty expensive for something that appears to be low-quality in the first place.

But hey, at least it won’t be slippery.