Twitter CEO Commits Recruiting Violation By Tweeting (At A Michigan Football Recruit)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Dick Costolo Twitter CEO“Twitter’s CEO Doesn’t Know How To Use Twitter” would be an effective headline of snark, if we were into such things.

Dick Costolo is the CEO of Twitter, a smart, funny man who gave my commencement speech at Michigan in May. Unsurprisingly, he’s filthy rich, and went to Michigan, which naturally means he’s a booster for the school.

Boosters tweeting at recruits is against the rules. You would think the Twitter CEO would know this, but he made a little misstep.

Dick Costolo Tweet Michigan Recruit

Yes, tweeting “amazing! #goblue” is a recruiting violation. This is the world we live in. Michigan now has to report this horrible act of immorality, but it’s fortunately a secondary violation, so nothing will come of it besides a few laughs from Spartans, Irishmen and Buckeyes.

To whom I say, respectively: basketball, Te’o and Urban Meyer is a horrible person. Carry on.