Is This The Ugliest Football Field In America?

  • Glenn Davis

Remember how last month, everyone was abuzz over what Maryland’s new football field would look like because the team wears crazy uniforms and everyone wondered if they might do something equally as crazy for their spankin’-new playing surface? There were rumors of a black or pewter field as everyone wondered whether all the decision makers in College Park had finally gone and lost their damn minds.

Well, it didn’t happen – the Terps are getting a new field, but it’ll be green. Disaster averted. But now, enter tiny Lindenwood University-Belleville in Illinois. LU-Belleville’s football team will play its first season later this year – and they know just how they’re going to use their red, white, and black color scheme to grab your attention:

And with that, hundreds of miles away in about the most modest setting college football can offer, the the worst nightmare scenario for Maryland’s new football field came true at last.

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