Urban Meyer’s Press Conference Was Interrupted By A Camerawoman Fainting

  • Glenn Davis

Urban Meyer’s introductory press conference at Ohio State was rolling along as these things tend to: Meyer saying he’s blessed to be there, that he and his teams are going to go hard, etc. He wasn’t facing an especially tough grilling, and wasn’t giving especially interesting responses. So…probably just how Meyer would have hoped. And then…

I’ll admit, when the camera first shifted off Meyer and onto…nothing in particular, I thought some kind of comical blooper was happening. Then, I heard the call for EMS assistance. Suddenly…not so comical. Thankfully, though, it appears the camerawoman who passed out wound up being fine. Not that I expected an electric performance from Meyer, exactly, but if asked to predict what the most attention-grabbing moment of his press conference would be…well, I probably wouldn’t have come up with this scenario.