USC Song Girls Frolic Together In The Water

  • Glenn Davis

Apparently it’s a tradition for the USC marching band to head off to Lake Tahoe ever year. Such retreats, to my limited knowledge of how a collegiate marching band operates, are standard procedure. For the last couple years, though, a funny thing keeps happening during these retreats: the USC Song Girls keep appearing, in full uniform.

Of course, the Song Girls are a time-honored USC tradition, integral to the game day experience at the L.A. Coliseum just like the band, and have legions of devoted fans. But they don’t just show up at the band retreat…it almost seems like every time someone goes to snap a picture at the band retreat, the Song Girls keep getting in the way! One moment, a couple band members might be having fun in the water – prime material for a photo demonstrating the togetherness and camaraderie built by a weekend away together. But the next moment, a Song Girl’s right there, front and center in the photo that gets snapped. The people taking these pictures must be furious!

To see what we mean: Busted Coverage recently posted a gallery of photos from the retreat, and a Song Girl is in nearly every one. It’s almost like the entire point of the gallery is to highlight the Song Girls (why, Busted Coverage even seems to hype it as such!), rather than to document the band’s growth as musicians and friends. A few examples:


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