Utah Fans Prematurely Storm The Field Over And Over Again

  • Joe Levine

BYU and Utah needed three tries to finish last night’s game that ultimately saw Utah prevail 24-21. But don’t blame the players for dragging things out. It was the fans that were a bit antsy.

The home crowd in Utah stormed the field not once, not twice, but three times at the end of last night’s win over BYU.

The first storming of the field after a seemingly-game-ending incomplete pass by BYU didn’t technically extend the game, but judging by the replay, the referees could have easily called it if not for a few thousand crazed students out on the field that they may or may not have felt like trolling.

The second storming came after ensuing play, when Utah blocked a potentially game-tying field goal by BYU only to have the fans rush out prematurely before the play was actually over. Not only did that reward BYU with another shot at it, but Utah also incurred a 15-yard penalty on account of their eager faithful.

The third, final, and actually appropriate storming came after the very next play. BYU missed the 36-yard field goal (but not without a premature celebration from the holder) and the fans were finally able to run around all over the field, finally free from the shackles of the game not being over yet.

Witness the madness, via ESPN:

Congratulations to the attending Utes fans for finally getting to experience a pleasure they were forced to wait oh-so-long to enjoy.

[Via SB Nation]